psd for icons

if u want this psd, do that:

  • psd by @toxicsfan
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  • ask here “acacia psd #14” enjoy baes xx
random headers.

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  • credit jdbftmatthew on twitter



Firstly thank you to each of you who follow the Aloicons, we are eternally grateful for his kindness and his follow in tumblr and nothing more fair than making a brilliant pack to celebrate our 8000 followers and few. 


  • themes (live preview) : theme 1 theme 2 theme 3 
  • psds (exclusivos)
  • actions (exclusivos)
  • +10 fonts
  • dicas (help)
  • random headers (without/with)
  • dash icons (without/with)
  • icons (without/with)
  • +15 livros
  • CD demi lovato - Demi
  • CD selena gomez - Star Dance
  • Music
  • Playlist
  • download - photoshop 6 portable
  • galleries
  • +++ bônus
  • and very more ++++

follow aloicons and askALOICONS 8K

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alejandraalas: i want a pack of cameron dallas


cameron dallas.

pack 1

pack 2

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Pack by iconshy

as we are going to be in a hiatus for a while i decided to make a small pack just to give you guys something.

This pack contains:

  • exclusive psds made by fireprroof {nath}
  • 1 action {with 3 versions}
  • 80 random pictures
  • we♥it galleries
  • 1 exclusive template {preview}
  • 1 exclusive theme {live preview} sidebar 80x110px

To get this pack you must:

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  • reblog this post {likes don’t count i’ll check}
  • ask here for “iconshy pack”
wowowowo edit

just made a little edit bc i was bored. typical me

Anonymous: what're wes' social medias? (-: (sorry to bother)

the only one know is his vine which is wes tucker

Anonymous: Wes tucker homescreens please? xox


wes tucker iphone 5 wallpapers.

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